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What to Wear? PDF Print E-mail

Raining is common in Guilin, so bring your umbrella. We alWe also recommend you bring some standing medicines, such as cold medicine and anti-diarrheal.

Different seasons brings with it different weather patterns:

Spring: is the rainy season, you take your umbrella and wear the waterproof shoes. It still might be cold, so please take a extra warm clothes

Summer: Take the anti-mosquito lotion, sunscreen, cool and refreshing oil with you to prevent be bitten by the mosquito and to prevent the sunburns. Alternatively take an umbrella, wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun's rays. Bring light clothings as the day and night temperature is a little different.

Autumn: The weather is still a little hot in Guilin, so you needn't to wear the thick coat in the day. However, the temperature difference is very noticeable between day and night, sometimes you maybe need the thicker coat in the evening. Around the Mid-Autumn Festival, the air was heavy with the aroma of sweet osmanthus, if you are allergic to pollen, remember to take the anti-allergen.

Winter: The temperature is low , sometimes the wind blows strongly, so the spray jackets comes in handy. Gloves and other winter wear are necessary. There is little snow in Guilin, but occasionally the road will be frozen in some very cold days, therefore, it is wise to have a pair of anti-skid shoes.


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