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Postal Services PDF Print E-mail

Postal charges for both domestic and international mail, including letters, postcards, and parcels, are based on weight (grams).

How to Mail a Letter

1. Buy an envelope: You can buy envelopes at any post office or stationery shop. An envelope is around 0.5RMB.

2. Search the zip code: If you don't know a zip code for the address of the sender or the receiver, you can look it up on the Internet at home or ask the staff in post offices.

3. Write the address: The addresses of the sender and receiver should be written in the language of the receiving country or in English. If the address is in the language of the receiving country, the country name should be written in English or the language of the sending country.

4. Pay for postage: Have your letter weighed at an international mail counter. Pay the postage, which is weighed in grams.

How to Mail a Postcard

Regardless of weight or distance, postage for a postcard is 4.5RMB.You can buy the desired number of stamps at a local post office or a stationery shop. Then drop your postcard into a mailbox on the street or inside the post office.

Where to Get Stamps, Postcards, and Letters & Envelopes

Stamps,  standard envelopes and great souvenirs are readily available at post offices or stationary shops.  Bookstores and tourist souvenir shops are a great place for your postcards. Decorated letter papers or envelopes are easily purchased at art supply shops and stationary shops.

Detailed mail fares  at China Post website:

Here is the list of China Post office in the city:

  • Zhongzhong branch: No.55, Zhongshan Road (Middle), Guilin City
  • Zhongbei branch: No.100, Zhongshan Road (North), Guilin City
  • Zhongnan branch: 43-4, Zhongshan Road (South), Guilin City
  • Yangqiao branch: No.97, Zhongshan Road (Middle), Guilin City
  • Guanyinge branch: No.57, Zhongshan Road (North), Guilin City
  • Lijun branch: No.5, Lijun Road, Guilin City
  • Lijiang branch: No.9, Lijiang Road, Guilin City
  • Qixing branch: No.7, Chuanshan Road (East), Guilin City
  • Ludi branch: No.41, Ludi Road, Guilin City
  • Pingshan branch: No.18, Wayao Road, Guilin City
  • Donghuanlu branch: 61-2, Putuo Road, Guilin City

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