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Home Food What to eat
What to eat
Fried Beef with Winter Bamboo Shoots PDF Print E-mail


This traditional home-style dish is delicately fried and consists of winter bamboo shoots (a local product of northern Guangxi), high-quality beef, agarics, shiitake mushrooms and an assortment of spices. The end result is a bright and savory concoction decorated with tender beef and fresh crispy bamboo shoots. It has yin-nourishing, blood-enriching, spleen-invigorating and stomach-nourishing capabilities.


Mangosteen Chicken in Steam Pot PDF Print E-mail


This renowned traditional tonic dish is made using either Sanhuang chicken meat or black chicken meat, mangosteen and some spices. Traditional Chinese medicines like the root of membranous milk vetch (Codonopsis piously) are also added, and this dish is then steamed in a pot. After the cooking is finished, the meat is aromatic and tender, and the soup is fresh and sweet.


Whole Chicken Stewed with Gecko PDF Print E-mail


This new renowned dish was first created by Qin Yongyan, who is a chef in a class of his own, working at the Guilin Ronghu Hotel. In May of 1988, it won the gold medal in China's Second National Cooking Competition. It mixes the flavors of a young Sanhuang chicken, a pair of Geckos, longan pulp, a few slices of ham and some additional condiments. The ingredients are put into a ceramic pot with its top covered by sandpaper. They are then stewed in a bamboo steamer for two hours over a hot fire until finished. This aromatic dish has lung-moistening, cough-relieving, yang-invigorating and kidney-nourishing capabilities.


Lingchuan Su Dog Meat PDF Print E-mail


Got room for dog? Why not try out Su Dog Meat Restaurant? It is universally acknowledged by the thousands of Guilin locals to be the finest dog meat restaurant. Exaggerated? Overrated? Go and try by yourself.


Bamboo Rice & Chicken PDF Print E-mail


Yangshuo Beer Fish PDF Print E-mail





Yangshuo's most famous dish. It is made from fresh caught Li River carp. The fresh fish is fried in a wok along with beer, hot and green peppers, garlic, onions, celery, tomatoes, soy, and sugar. Visitors are amazed at how delicious the fish's skin is and how fresh and tender the meat is. Eating Yangshuo's beer fish will be an unforgettable culinary experience.

Yangshuo's famous West Street has many restaurants serving this delicious dish. The Tao's Authentic Beer Fish, and The Older Sister of Peng's Beer Fish come highly recommended.



Griddle Cooked Beef Steak PDF Print E-mail



Girdle Cooked Beef Steak (Niupai ganguo) is one of Guilin's most well known local dishes. This kind of beef steak is cooked with different seasonings, such as chili, cassia bark, and fennel. It is similar to eating hot pot, except no broth is used in the wok. Diners can control the heat to cook the meat to their specifications.



The griddle cooked beef steak tastes spicy, and its flavor is unique. It is very different from that of a Western steak. If desired, diners can add some beer to the wok to make the steak even tastier. After the steak is finished, vegetables, bean curd, pickled cabbage, noodles and a bowl of broth can be added to the wok and cooked in the steak's juices.

This delicious dish can be found at most hot pot restaurants in Guilin and Yangshuo.


Luohanguo PDF Print E-mail

Fructus momordicae, called Luohanguo in Chinese, is primarily grown in southern China's Guangxi Province, with the majority coming from the mountains of Guilin. In China, traditional Chinese doctors have used Luohanguo as an expectorant, to fight heat stroke, acute or chronic throat inflammation, aphonia, and chronic cough for centuries.

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