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What to eat
Nun Vegetarian Noodles PDF Print E-mail


The essence of Guilin Nun Noodles is in its soup. The soup is boiled for a long time with soybean sprouts, fresh straw mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots. The soup is golden in color, sweet in taste, and has a mouth-watering smell. The noodles are first boiled and then put into bowls where the soup is added. It is served with Guilin Fermented Tofu, scrambled eggs, vegetarian ham, gluten flour and some spices. The fresh-cooked dish is very tasty, and the smell and color are pleasant as well. The Crescent Moon Building in Seven Star Park enjoys a great reputation for its Nun Noodles.


Fengli(Rice lump) PDF Print E-mail


Finely grind of top-grade rice into paste, scrub it into small cylinders, steam it until its 80% done, take it out and dry it, and you have Fengli. In Guilin, Fengli is often on the market in winter after Spring Festival. Before being eaten, it is usually cut into strips, and fried with preserved ham, celery, cauliflower or green garlic. The end result is bright in color and delicious in taste.


Old Duck Stewed with Gingko PDF Print E-mail


This traditional tonic dish adopts Guilin's local specialty gingko, sliced old duck, ham slices and some other various ingredients. They are put together into a ceramic pot and stewed in a bamboo steamer. The end result is a strong-tasting but clear soup, with the fresh and savory duck meat and slender gingko. This dish has natural nourishing capabilities, promotes the secretion of body fluids, and can aid in moistening the lungs among other benefits.


Daxu Clear Water Fish PDF Print E-mail


Daxu is an ancient town of Guilin area. If you feel bored with what you are eating, why not try some Daxu Clear Water Fish?  Without an overbearing array of spices, the fish is served simply with water, salt and ginger slices. This is an absolutely light and natural dish that you can eat to your heart's content.


Guilin Snail PDF Print E-mail


The snails of Guilin are big and meaty. Sour peppers, specially-prepared in Guilin, are always used in the snail-cooking process. Cooked also with shallot, ginger and "Three-Flower Liquor", the end result is sour, spicy and very delicious. The tail of the snail is cut off before cooking for both the chef's and the consumer's conveniences.


Minced Pork Fried with Osmanthus Flower PDF Print E-mail


This renowned traditional tonic dish is created by frying up some fresh osmanthus flower, lean meat, eggs and various spices. The scent of the osmanthus with the minced meat is sensually overwhelming, and the yellow color of the egg aesthetically compliments the rest of the dish. Going well with wine, this dish is capable of invigorating the stomach, protecting the liver and dispelling coldness, while it benefits the kidney.


Steamed Bake meat with Water Chestnut PDF Print E-mail


This traditional dish of Guilin is prepared by steaming peeled water chestnut, fresh lean meat, and all kinds of various condiments. This crisp and delicious dish is suitable in the winter and summer. Internally it can clear away heat, quench one's thirst, wet one's appetite, aid in food digestion.


Guilin Duck Wrapped in Lotus Leaf PDF Print E-mail


This renowned traditional tonic dish adopts a bare duck, dry lotus leaf, diced lean meat, ripe winter bamboo shoots, diced preserved ham, fried diced  Lipu taro, diced shiitake mushrooms, tender string beans, shrimp and spices. First the bare duck is fried until it becomes yellow in color. The diced meats and vegetables are then stir fried with the spices for while, and then stuffed into the stomach of the duck. Then the food is wrapped in the lotus leaf and steamed in a bamboo steamer over a fire. The lotus leaf smells wonderful, while the duck meat is tasty and tender, and the stuffing delicious as well. This dish is capable of nourishing the stomach, promoting the secretion of body fluids, consolidating one’s essence.


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