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Where to eat
Rosemary Café (western food only) PDF Print E-mail


It is a small western style restaurant in downtown Guilin. TThe Coffee, chocolate cake, and pizza there are the best you can get in Guilin and perhaps even the whole of  China.  Over half of the customers there are expats in Guilin.

Features: Good location, Best western food, relaxing environment, and good places to meet people.

Address: Yiren Road 1-1, 50 meters east to the Center Bell Tower
Tel: 0773-2810063

Guilin Boy Domestic Food / Guilin Zai (Guilin Boy) PDF Print E-mail



It’s a national chain of restaurants which mainly serves local Guilin dishes. Some of the local dishes on offer are: Gingko stewed with Old Duck, Duck and Taro with Vinegar, Sour and Spicy Rice Flour Fish, Lipu Taro and Pork Loaf and Beer Fish.

Tel: 0773-5835385/2828609



Taste Made Weidao Zhizao (Taste Manufacture) PDF Print E-mail

A new eating place in Guilin, Taste Made offering “new style Guilin cooking” has quickly gained a reputation as a place to get delicious food with the local population.
Features:  local flavor, good prices, English menu, excellent services, spacious halls, pleasant environment.

Address: 19 Lijiang East Road, Guilin
Tel: 0773-5880098








McFound / Mai Xiang Fang (Delicious Wheat Workshop) PDF Print E-mail

Excuse the name (sounding like McDonalds). The only thing that they have in common is that this restaurant is also very popular and usually crowded. It specializes in food from the northern areas of China where wheat noodles and dumplings are served more often that rice.





Yiyuan Restaurant(Cheerful Garden) PDF Print E-mail

This restaurant serves Sichuan style (Spicy) food, which is very popular in Guilin. Guilin food is also often spicy. Yi Yuan has two branches in Guilin. It gets a very favorable mention in The Lonely Planet Guide, so you may see other foreign visitors if they beat the locals to get table, especially during the popular dining hours.


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