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Local Transport
Car rental or hire PDF Print E-mail

You need a China drivers license, if you want to drive car own your own. International is not acceptable in China.

Chauffeur service fare is based on the both distance and time.

Uncle Wang's Guilin Car Hire is a professional service designed to provide tourists with efficient and safe private transportation, while visiting Guilin and its surrounding area.

Their website is and email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Public Bus PDF Print E-mail

Public buses serves Train Station, Long Distance Bus Station and central city downtown. The ticket fare is 1RMB/ride for normal bus, 2RMB/ride for air-conditioning bus and all the bus starts with "5"(for example "58") are free.

The tourist bus (AC-double deck bus) is an opened tourist line which serves the some of the city's main tourist attractions including the Elephant Trunk Hill, Binjiang Road, Fubo Hill, Folded Brocade Hill. Each bus has a guide on board.

Main Bus Routes with main stops:

  • No.1 bus: Nanxi Cinema--Cross-Road Circle--North Railway Station
  • No.2 bus: Guilin Railway Station-Nan Menqiao Bridge--The Elephant Trunk Hill--Fubo Hill--The Reed Flute Cave
  • No.3 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--West Hill Park--Jiashan--The Reed Flute Cave
  • No.4 bus: Guilin Railway Station--South Stream Park--Wayao-Qifengzhen
  • No.5 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Wayao Cross-Road--Yanshanzhen--Yangshuo
  • No.6 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Tire Factory
  • No.7 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Electric Meter Factory--Miaotou
  • No.8 bus: Nanmenqiao Bridge--Electric Meter Factory--Lingui County
  • No.9 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Wayao--Overseas Chinese Farm
  • No.10 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Geology Institute--Laser Institute
  • No.11 bus: Seven-star Park--Cross-Road Circle--Guilin Railway Station--South Stream Park--Pingshan
  • No.12 bus: Wayao--Aviation Maintenance Center
  • No.13 bus: The Reed Flute Cave--Guan Yin Ge--Folded Brocade Hill--Fubo Hill--Seven-Star Park
  • No.14 bus: West Hill Park--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Sanlidian Circle--Wulidian
  • No.15 bus: Special Route to One-day city-tour
  • No.16 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Lijiang Bridge--Putuo Rd
  • No.17 bus: Putou Rd--Guilin Railway Station (along the Ring Road)

Express buses to Yangshuo County, Longsheng County and Xing'an County leave from Distance Bus Station close to train station. Daily departure ensures there are plenty of tickets. However, advance booking is needed during public holidays such as the Chinese New Year, Labor's Day, Qingming Festival, Duanwu Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and National Day Holiday.

Buses going to YangShuo County is a direct service. No set down or pick up is available during the journey. Buses departs every 20min between 5:30am to 10:30pm. If you want to come back to Guilin, join the return bus service.

Taxi PDF Print E-mail

Taxis are plentiful, clean, safe, and inexpensive in Guilin. They can be found at taxi stands in most busy city areas or hailed on the streets. An increasing number of taxi drivers nowadays speak some English which may prove extremely useful for first-time visitors.

The fare system is based on the distance. Fares begin at 7RMB + 1RMB oil tax for the first 3 km and go up incrementally 1.6RMB every 1KM. From 11PM to 6AM the fare is a little bit higher. You can reach most places in town at only around 12RMB.


Bicycle PDF Print E-mail

If time isn't the most important factor, then bicycles are easily the best way to travel around Guilin and its surrounding areas. Most attractions are close from one to another and the towns are not big. Guilin is relatively flat, so great rides are ensured. Cycling with your friends and wandering around the tranquil landscapes, can be a memorable experience.

Bicycles can be rent from your hotel at around 20CNY/day.


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