70,000 Yangshuo Peasants in Tourism Industry Print
Guilin Travel News
Saturday, 13 August 2011 16:32

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Local peasants also get involved to beautiful develop Yangshuo County's tourism industry. 70,000 local peasants work in tourism industry. There are more than 700 local restaurants and more than 500 hostels owned by the peasants. More than 1,000 peasants also work as tour guides.

The Impression Sanjie Liu Show has 300 performers who are local peasants and the show also benefits 2,000 local peasants nearby. Yulong River rafting service has 3,300 employees and 95% are local peasants. Every day they serve for about 20,000 tourists.

On the foot of Moon Hill there is a village called Gaotian. 102 of 114 registered villagers of the village work in tourism industry. Only in the small village there are 25 restaurants, 15 hostels with 339 beds and 30 tour guides. Every year they serve for about 4 million tourists.

Beautiful landscape also attracts foreigners to become employers in Yangshuo. More than 10 foreigners run hotel, restaurant and tour business in Yangshuo.