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Home News & Events Travel News From Oct the travel duration from Guilin to Beijing by train will reduce to 10hrs
From Oct the travel duration from Guilin to Beijing by train will reduce to 10hrs PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 July 2013 17:20

The text below is translated by google translator.

It is reported that Hunan-Guangxi railway line extension project Heng Liu after the opening of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail in Hengyang and connectivity, the formation of high-speed rail network. Then, by moving vehicles from Guilin to Beijing will achieve "Zhaofaxizhi", is expected to reach the 10 hours or so.

The official said, according to the higher requirements, Hunan, Guangxi, Guilin railway extension project segment FBI test work will be fully completed this month. By then, they will endeavor to expedite the construction of stations and other facilities, in order to lay the foundation for smooth opening in October.


Scale from the construction point of view, after the transformation of the originating station is much larger than the original. Live a responsible person surnamed Liu told reporters, after the transformation Tracks at the originating station is shared with the broad line station, the scale from the original 2 sets 6 tracks, expansion of 18 shares for the nine road. Guilin station plus 2 sets a new stock Road, the city's overall rail capacity will increase exponentially. Not only that, after the transformation of the originating station footbridge will be in the underground passage way and escalators installed on one side, passenger travel will be more convenient stop.

Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the ongoing transformation of the originating station closed, the station has begun to existing footbridge removed, the original station platform canopy being installed. The west side of the station, a new site has been taking shape. One worker said, renovation project schedule is very tight, "will open to traffic in October, and we want to split the eight fixed bridge, in order to pave the last paragraph of the rail. Beneath the pedestrian bridge and also the new channel, we are now a 24-hour shift construction . "Reporter yesterday from the Municipal Railway Construction Office was informed, according to the regional requirements, Hunan, Guangxi, Liuzhou railway expansion renovation project to Hunan Dongan segment will be open to traffic in October. While the East Anzhi Heng Yang Duan extension project progress is in front, which means the city in October to formally implemented by the Hengyang and Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail connectivity. At present, the Guilin train originating station (ie, Guilin North Train Station) upgrading are being stepped up.


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