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Guilin Travel News
Power Shortage in Guilin PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 August 2011 16:45

Since July Guilin has been in the tourist peak season and hottest weather period of the year. Electricity demand raises up. In August and September Guilin is in the problem of electricity shortage.

China Southern Power Grid Guilin branch says, the electricity supply in residential area and tourist area is in priority. Next are the schools, hospitals, governments and etc. Lastly, heavy industrial factories.

Government buildings and offices are required to keep the air conditioning no lower than 28℃. Also residents are suggested to keep their air conditioning above 26℃.

If you are traveling in Guilin during the period we hope you can also help Guilin to save electricity. For example keep your hotel room AC above 26℃, turn off lights and AC when you leave your rooms and etc.


River Lantern Festival in Ziyuan PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 August 2011 21:32



On August 13 evening, the Ziyuan's 17th River Lantern Festival had its praying and river lantern drifting event.

On the evening, all of the locals and tourists came to the river. With the traditional songs people were praying for the prosperity of the country and themselves. Later on, a firework show raised the event to climax.

River lantern festival is the traditional festival in Ziyuan County. Traditional songs and lanterns are the theme. The festival has become 1 of the top 10 events in the China national local tourist event.

More Flights Connecting Guangxi and Taiwan PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 August 2011 19:21


Guangxi Airport Management Group announced that 6 more flights will be added to connect Guangxi and Taiwan from November. Guilin and Nanning(capital city of Guangxi) will add 3 flights each. Guilin-Taipei route is operating by China Southern Airlines and Nanning-Taipei route is operated by Shenzhen Airlines.

In recently years, the economical and cultural communications between Guangxi and Taiwan become closer and closer. The demand of the air way transportation is higher than ever.

July 22 2010 Nanning-Taipei flight route launched. The capacity utilization rate is 81%. In May 2011 the flight between Guangxi and Taiwan is full most of time and tickets are in short supply.

70,000 Yangshuo Peasants in Tourism Industry PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 August 2011 16:32

grotesque-peak-village.jpg (631×325)

Local peasants also get involved to beautiful develop Yangshuo County's tourism industry. 70,000 local peasants work in tourism industry. There are more than 700 local restaurants and more than 500 hostels owned by the peasants. More than 1,000 peasants also work as tour guides.

The Impression Sanjie Liu Show has 300 performers who are local peasants and the show also benefits 2,000 local peasants nearby. Yulong River rafting service has 3,300 employees and 95% are local peasants. Every day they serve for about 20,000 tourists.

On the foot of Moon Hill there is a village called Gaotian. 102 of 114 registered villagers of the village work in tourism industry. Only in the small village there are 25 restaurants, 15 hostels with 339 beds and 30 tour guides. Every year they serve for about 4 million tourists.

Beautiful landscape also attracts foreigners to become employers in Yangshuo. More than 10 foreigners run hotel, restaurant and tour business in Yangshuo.

Guilin Ranks No.2 in the Most Attractive Tourist City in Central & Western China PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 August 2011 16:37


The 2011 Global Times Rankings has been released in Beijing. Guilin Ranks No.2 in the most attractive tourist city in central and western part of China. The event was organized by Global Times Newspaper.

The No.1 is Xi'an. Behind Guilin those cities by turn are Kunming, Lhasa, Lanzhou, Luoyang, Chengdu, Wuhan, Datong and Nanning.

Bangkok - Guilin Regular Air Route Launches PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 July 2011 14:39


At 10PM on July 22th, the aircraft OX859 of the Orient Thai Airlines arrived at Guilin International Airport successfully from Bangkok. It is the first regular flight of Bangkok-Guilin route.

The Orient Thai Airlines is the first international charter airlines in Asia. They did the Bangkok-Guilin charter flight for many years.

The new Bangkok-Guilin flight number is OX850/851. It flies on every Saturday departing from Bangkok at 17:40 and arriving in Guilin at 21:10 and departing from Guilin at 22:00 and arriving in Bangkok at 23:40.

The 1st Dragon & Tiger River Lantern Festival(Aug 13, 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 July 2011 18:04


Gongcheng County of Guilin City will host the 1st Dragon & Tiger River Lantern Festival on Aug 13, 2011. Dragon & Tiger River is at the border of Guangxi Province and Hunan Province. In the history the place was very beautiful. During the festival tourists will experience the ancient town and Chinese culture.

On Aug 13th 2011 from 10AM to 10:30PM there will be lion dance competition, guests welcome ceremony, lantern lighting event, firework show and etc.

170,000 Passengers Enter & Exit Mainland China Via Guilin Airport First Half of Year PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 July 2011 13:05



From Jan to July of 2011, Guilin Liangjiang International Airport had 1,381 inbound and outbound flights in Mainland China, with total 168,180 passengers. Flights increases 16.7% and passenger number increases 12.6%. There are 8 international flight routes in Guilin airport connecting Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Seoul, Hong Kong and Taipei. 28 flights a week. Guilin airport is one of the most important international airports in southwest China.

Guilin Ranks Higher in Tourists' Satisfaction Survey PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 07:51



Guangxi Tourism Bureau says, in the second season this year the tourists' satisfaction survey by China Tourism Academy shows that Guilin ranks higher in the list. China Tourism Academy selected 50 tourist cities in China for the survey. Guilin got 78.83 points in this season and ranks in the 20th position, which is 2 position higher than last survey.

More Flight Routes Launch for Summer Holiday PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 July 2011 08:26



2011's summer holiday has started. Guilin airport's passengers of students, teachers, tourists etc has increased. Plane seat utilization rate and flight ticket prices are higher. Many airlines put more planes for Guilin to satisfy the market demand.

July and August are the peak months of Guilin airport. From July 1st to 10th of this year, Guilin airport throughput 175,000 passengers. Compared to last year it increased 18% and the highest of passengers in history. Since July 5 2011 the average plane seat utilization rate has been at 85%.

On July 1st, Guilin-Taiyuan-Harbin route by Sichuan Airlines launched, Guilin-Xiamen route by Shandong Airlines launched, Juneyao Airlines launched more flights for Guilin-Shanghai route and China Southern Airlines launched one more flight for Guilin-Wuhan route. Orient Thai Airlines will start Guilin-Bangkok charter flight route once or twice a week from July 18th.

The 2nd Guilin International Tourism EXPO Will Be Held in Sept PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 08:30





The 2nd Guilin International Tourism EXPO will be held in from 9 to 11 of September in Guilin International Exhibition Center. Compared to the 1st expo, this time there will be larger exhibition area, more exhibitors and more countries(and regions) will attend.

The number professional visitors is estimated to be about 6,000. Guilin is a paradise of outdoor activities for many backpackers. The 2nd Guilin International Tourism Exhibition EXPO will havae the outdoor equipment specific theme exhibition for the first time.

To find out more information about Guilin International Tourism EXPO please visit their official website

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