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Guilin Travel News & Events
Longji Rice Terraces Autumn Travel Festival(23-24 Sept 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Guilin Travel News
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 19:38

2011 Longji Rice Terraces Autumn Travel Festival will hold in Jinkeng and Dazhai villages on 23 and 24 of September. The festival aims to showcase Red Yao People's culture.

At the time all of the villagers will wear traditional costumes to attend the bonfire party with touches. Firework will also be show on the night. The rice terraces will be colorful and more beautiful.

The 1st Reed Flute Cave Tea Culture Festival(20 Sept to 20 Oct 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 19:13

From 20 September to 20 October 2011 Reed Flute Cave scenic area will hold the first tea culture activity. Visitors can enjoy local tea and watch the Chinese tea show etc.

From 1st to 3rd of October 2011 visitors who was born on 1st Oct or whose name include "Guoqing" can enter the scenic area for free of charge.

The 3rd Guilin Scenery & Culture Festival(26, Oct 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Guilin Travel News
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 19:07

The 3rd Guilin Scenery & Culture Festival will have an opening ceremony on Oct 26th. There are 6 themes which are culture, travel, sports, performance, exhibition and talent show. 2011 Guilin travel ambassador final will also hold during the festival.

Zhuangyuan Culture Event on Mid-Autumn Festival(12th Sept 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 September 2011 09:26

Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner. Solitary Beauty Peak & Prince City will host Zhuangyuan culture theme event on 12th Sept 2011.


Zhuangyuan is the champion of the governor selection exam in the Chinese history.On the day all of the visitors can join the event. Tour guide will tell the knowledge and background of the exam. Visitors will experience the exam and top visitors will have mooncake as gift.


mid-autumn festival event guilin.jpg (432×216)

2011 Mid-Autumn Festival in Rice Terraces(Sept 12,2011) PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 September 2011 07:05



Sept 12 (Aug 15 in Lunar Calendar) is 2011's Mid-Autumn Festival for Chinese families to get together. This year in the Dragon Backbone's Rice Terraces there will be a fire touch show, mooncake tasting and Yao People' fest on the Mid-Autumn Festival day.

Li River Honored as the Most Beautiful National Park PDF Print E-mail
Guilin Travel News
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 21:39

The famous Forbes magazine released the list of Most Beautiful National Park. Li River Scenic Area of Guilin takes 11th places.

National park experts and travel writers review and rank the destinations. Currently there are 7,000 national parks in the world, with more to come.

Forbes says, Li River Scenic Area is in the southern part of China. It is famous for its karst land shape with magical connecting hills. It has been inspiring thousands of intellectuals and poets.

Asian Super Model Contest in Longsheng PDF Print E-mail
Guilin Travel News
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 16:22

The 6th Asian Super Model Contest, 36 pageants from 10 countries of Asia are in Longsheng for 5 days filming .

Yesterday pageants wore bikini and Chinese ethnic group's costumes, filming in the flying over bridge in Yao village of Longsheng. Follow by a long table fest with locals.

The Asian Super Model Contest is hosted by Guangxi TV Station. The pageants will have some interactive activities with tourists and locals in the following days in Longsheng. If you like you can go to meet them.


Power Shortage in Guilin PDF Print E-mail
Guilin Travel News
Saturday, 20 August 2011 16:45

Since July Guilin has been in the tourist peak season and hottest weather period of the year. Electricity demand raises up. In August and September Guilin is in the problem of electricity shortage.

China Southern Power Grid Guilin branch says, the electricity supply in residential area and tourist area is in priority. Next are the schools, hospitals, governments and etc. Lastly, heavy industrial factories.

Government buildings and offices are required to keep the air conditioning no lower than 28℃. Also residents are suggested to keep their air conditioning above 26℃.

If you are traveling in Guilin during the period we hope you can also help Guilin to save electricity. For example keep your hotel room AC above 26℃, turn off lights and AC when you leave your rooms and etc.


River Lantern Festival in Ziyuan PDF Print E-mail
Guilin Travel News
Monday, 15 August 2011 21:32



On August 13 evening, the Ziyuan's 17th River Lantern Festival had its praying and river lantern drifting event.

On the evening, all of the locals and tourists came to the river. With the traditional songs people were praying for the prosperity of the country and themselves. Later on, a firework show raised the event to climax.

River lantern festival is the traditional festival in Ziyuan County. Traditional songs and lanterns are the theme. The festival has become 1 of the top 10 events in the China national local tourist event.

More Flights Connecting Guangxi and Taiwan PDF Print E-mail
Guilin Travel News
Monday, 15 August 2011 19:21


Guangxi Airport Management Group announced that 6 more flights will be added to connect Guangxi and Taiwan from November. Guilin and Nanning(capital city of Guangxi) will add 3 flights each. Guilin-Taipei route is operating by China Southern Airlines and Nanning-Taipei route is operated by Shenzhen Airlines.

In recently years, the economical and cultural communications between Guangxi and Taiwan become closer and closer. The demand of the air way transportation is higher than ever.

July 22 2010 Nanning-Taipei flight route launched. The capacity utilization rate is 81%. In May 2011 the flight between Guangxi and Taiwan is full most of time and tickets are in short supply.

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