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What is a Volunteer Guide?

Volunteer guides are volunteers who help visitors to Guilin to communicate in various situations. They attend festivals and events together with visitors, provide free guide services, assist with communication in various ways, and participate in cultural exchanges. If you would like to make your visit to Guilin even more worthwhile and memorable, we might be able to arrange a volunteer guide to accompany you on your individual trip. When you request their help, they will respond warmheartedly, with excellent command of foreign languages.

What about the cost?

Volunteer guides are volunteers and offer their services free of charge. However, travel expenses (ex. transportation, etc.) are expected to be covered by applicants.

What kind of services does a volunteer guide provide?

Volunteer guides will provide the information on tour sites, transportation, and accommodation. They also offer any advice you may need when traveling in Guilin.

Volunteer guides’ foreign language skills may vary depending on their individual background.

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1. Apply early. As most volunteers have full-time jobs and some are students, work-at-home moms, or retirees there may be some unforeseen changes to applications.

2. Please provide us as much useful information about you as possible so we can arrange a right guide for you according to your background and favors.


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