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Cat Mountain also called Maoer Mountain, covers and has an altitude at the summit of 2141.5 meters. It is named Cat Mountain because people believe it looks like a cat. It is the highest mountain in south China and also the cradle land of Li River . The mountains here are grand and glorious and the scenery is magnificent. It is a nice combination of the glory of Mt. Tai , the steepness of Mt. Hua and the tranquility of Mt. Emei . Endangered species of vegetation, elfin woods and hemlock are found on the slopes of Cat Mountain . This is a great place to explore.

Generally speaking, there are two routes to travel through the Cat Mountain. One is driving from the Gaozhai Village along the road and can go there directly. It covers 33 kilometers and costs 12 hours. The other one is an adventurous route. It starts from the Shili Great Valley via the waterfall and luxuriant forest, which takes two to three days. As there is no food stall and even no inhabitants on the mountain, the necessary food and the medicine is dispensable. You are suggested to go with a group of three to five people. The phone signal is fine on the mountain and you can contact with each other and the outside easily once emergency occurs. If you can get up early, you can see the sunrise on the mountain. With the first wisp of morning sunlight petting and warming your face, your body, the whole night exhaustion fades out.

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