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Guan Temple, also called Temple of Military Prowess and is located west of the Confucius Temple In Gong Chen City. It was built for in memory of "Guan yu", the famous general of the State of Shu in the period of the Three Kingdom in China . It covers and area of 2,130 square meters and features a composite structure of brick-and -timber work. Enclosed in the temple are such buildings as the stage of performance, rain pavilion, first-row gate, main-hall and rear-hall as well as annexed halls along the two sides of the temple yard.

Also known as Stage of Longevity, it is a place where operas are to be staged when temple fairs or festivals for giving thanks to all gods are conducted in the temple. It is a building with a hipped-roof of double-eaves yet the rear part alone is of a corbel style. With the stage facing the inside of the temple the stage ceiling features an octagonal caisson. In front of the stage are three inscribed stone-tablets reading: "Calling on the Sage by the Wei river" (Referring to the story of King Zhouwen Calling on Jiang Ziya, named Lu Shang by the Riverside of Wei), "God of Writings to Nominate a Literary Elite Star" and "Liu Xuande Pays Three Visits to Zhuge Liang in his cottage."


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