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Yongfu County PDF Print E-mail

Yongfu County in a very rich in natures beauty, natural landscapes and diverse, rich and varied human landscape. The natural landscape of the world have Bailitiaoyi Qidong Kirin rock; "Lushan the show, the West Lake of You" reputation of the board Gap Lake; "dangerous shoals of fish shore rapids, Pinghu Hill static bird chat", Jiajing of the Xijiang River rafting, world Yang#39;s largest tree and the unique value of the development of eco-tourism area Heilongjiang Forest Park hot springs and underground resources.

Jingshijuesu a human landscape of the Song Dynasty, "Baishou map" Cliff stone; Guangxi is the only history-champion Gong Li Kecheng authentic palm of the "Tai Fook word" Jiangnan have saved the most complete ancient fortress Wing Ming Dynasty Ning Zhou Cheng, Ming Xian Gu Yan Song of the cliff tombs and kilns Qitianling kiln, and so on.

Yongfu County, the tourism industry to speed up the pace of development, and change its advantages in resources for the economic advantages of the new county party committee and government leadership attaches great importance to the development of tourism, the county#39;s tourism as a pillar industry and new economic growth points to Work, the county established a "struggle 35, striving to key counties in Guangxi tourism" development goals.


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