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Guilin Highlight No.1

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Attractions & Activities

Guilin enjoys the best landscape under heaven. There are many scenic spots in Guilin City, the most famous and also symbol of Guilin is Elephant Trunk Hill. Reed Flute Cave is full of stalagmites and stalagmites that display striking shapes and colors. The Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is the centerpiece of any trip to Guilin, with hundreds of hills flanking the emerald water. Cruise among the vivid reflections of scenery on the river while passing the fertile farm lands covered in brocade or veiled in mists.


Full Attraction List

Along Li River PDF Print E-mail
  1. Li River
  2. Elephant Trunk Hill
  3. Crown Cave
  4. Xingping Town
  5. Daxu Ancient Town
  6. Gudong Waterfall
  7. Folded Brocade Hill(Diecai Hill)
  8. Yangdi
  9. Mural Hill
  10. Ban Bian Du - One Side Ferry
  11. Pagoda Hill
  12. Grotesque Peak Village
  13. Yellow Cloth Shoal
  14. Fubo Hill


Guilin City PDF Print E-mail
  1. Jingjiang Palace & Mausoleum
  2. West Hill Park
  3. Central Square
  4. Li River Folk Custom Center
  5. Xiongsen Bear & Tiger Mountain Villa
  6. Elephant Trunk Hill
  7. Folded Brocade Hill(Diecai Hill)
  8. Peach Blossom River
  9. Yao Mountain(Yao Shan)
  10. Reed Flute Cave
  11. Yu Hill Park
  12. Fubo Hill
  13. Seven Star Park
  14. Yuzi Paradise
  15. Black Hill Botanic Garden
  16. Jingjiang Prince City & Solitary Beauty Peak
  17. Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
  18. Guilin Art Museum
  19. South Creek Park(Nanxishan Park)
  20. Guilin Lion Cliff
  21. Tunnel Hill Park(Pagoda Hill)
  22. City Two River & Four Lakes
  23. Dreaming on Li River Show
Yangshuo County PDF Print E-mail
  1. Big Banyan Tree
  2. Fuli Town
  3. Moon Hill
  4. Moon Water Cave
  5. Green Lotus Peak
  6. Shangri-la
  7. Butterfly Cave
  8. Liugong Town
  9. Chaolong Town
  10. Longtang Town
  11. West Street
  12. Yangshuo Park
  13. Yulong River
  14. Impression Sister Light Shows
Longsheng County PDF Print E-mail
  1. Longji Terraced Fields
  2. Longsheng Hot Spring National Forest Park
  3. Huaping National Nature Reserve
Xing'an County PDF Print E-mail
  1. Cat Mountain
  2. Ling Canal
  3. Merryland Theme Park
Lipu, Lingchuan, Ziyuan, Gongcheng, Guanyang, Yongfu, Pingle & Quanzhou Counties PDF Print E-mail

Lipu County

  1. Dajiang Lake

  2. Eight Diagrams Villa

  3. Fengyu Cave

  4. Silver Cave


Lingchuan County

  1. Daxu Ancient Town

  2. Qingshitan Reservoir

  3. Gudong Waterfall


Ziyuan County

  1. Wupai River

  2. Zijiang & Eight-angle Mountain


Gongcheng County

  1. Confucius Temple

  2. Guan Temple


Guanyang County

  1. Sudong Magic Palace


Yongfu County
Pingle County
Quanzhou County


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