Lying 85 kms from Guilin and 18 kms from Yangshuo, the Silver Cave stands out from many caves with karst characteristics in Guilin. Running through 12 hills and covering an area of 100 hectares, the Silver Cave offers the most unique and the most typical stalactites with distinctive shapes, like stalagmites, stalagnates, stone curtains and stone flowers and much more, and all kinds of colors in Guilin. Under the lighting, the stalactites shine like silver, which makes the name “Silver Cave”. It takes around 1 hour to discover the exciting cave. You will be shocked at the power of nature when exploring the cave.

The Silver Cave is a multi-storied karst cave. At present, about 2kilometers of the cave has been presented to tourists, including the lower cave, the grand hall and the upper cave. There are many outstanding scenic spots:- the Waterfalls on Snow Hill(雪山飞瀑), the Heavenly Screen of Music(音乐石屏), the Deep Moon Palace(广寒深宫), the Three Treasures(三宝): the Buddha Discussing Buddhist Sutra(佛祖论经), the Pearl-decorated Umbrella(混元珍珠伞) and the Solitary Pillar Propping up the Sky(独柱擎天).


80 CNY (Per adult- 140+ cms tall).

FREE (Child Under 139 cms tall)


Address: Lipu County, Lipu, Guangxi Province

Hours: 08:30 am – 5:30 pm

Silver Cave