When it comes to nightlife in Guilin, the world-renowned tourist destination makes itself a buzzing network of pubs, snacks stalls and nightclubs as soon as the sun goes down. It offers endless entertainment options, whether it is a quiet drink with the special someone by the bank of Ronghu Lake and Li River, or a bite in Shangshui Snacks Street (尚水美食街). The downtown of Guilin provides various entertainment activities at night.

If you would like to enjoy quiet environment, the bars by the bank of waters are ideal choices for you. As several lakes spread across the downtown of Guilin, bars near them will provide you with a quiet surrounding, fresh air and nice drinks for the bars are surrounded by green trees and clear water.

On the first floor of Mingcheng Hotel (名城大酒店) on Renmin Road behind Shangshui Snacks Street is an Irish Pub popular with the locals and tourists in Guilin. You can enjoy kinds of beers from home and abroad, mouth-watering snacks and excellent service in a comfortable and quiet environment. The live band refreshes you with nice songs. The price is reasonable.

Opening hours: 11:00 – 02:00 (Monday – Sunday)
Address: the first floor of Mingcheng Hotel (名城大酒店) on Renmin Road behind Shangshui Snacks Street

If you stay in the West Street, Yangshuo, and like to join the locals for enjoyment at night, you could find many more pubs here than in Guilin Downtown. Many more foreigners have fun in these pubs.

Marco Polo Bar (马可波罗)

Marco Polo Bar is one of the hottest bars in the West Street, offering various kinds of drinks, delicious snacks, state-of-the-art equipment, singing and dancing shows and good service. In the heart lies an open stage. A live band show during the first half period is followed by pole dancing show, and other adrenaline-rising activities.

Opening hours: 19:00 – 02:00 (Monday – Sunday)
Address: No. 83, the West Street, Yangshuo

Lichun Music Hutong (立春音乐胡同)

Nestled in Yitian West Street close to the West Street, Lichun Music Hutong unlike other modern bars presents a distinctive atmosphere not only in its decoration but also in its music. The decor is an integration of Hui-style, elements of Naxi nationality with the furnishing style of the top 8 old towns in regions south of the Yangtze River. Stepping around it, you can appreciate the classical Chinese features anywhere: its corridors, its stage and its rooms.

Here, you can enjoy light folk music, music dramas and the traditional Chinese orchestral music, including flute, erhu and pipa. If you are fond of the classical Chinese music, Lichun Music Hutong is worth visiting. The price here is a little higher than other modern bars, but its performers, equipment, and service are much better than other bars.

Opening hours: 11:00 – 02:00 (Monday – Sunday)
Address: Yitian West Street (No. 204, the West Street)

If you have enough time, you can discover more amazing bars in Guilin City or the West Street in Yangshuo. Bars with their own features, such as Muse Bar, 100o Bar and Vega Club are always waiting for you.

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