Guilin Attractions

Come and find out why an Ancient Chinese poet referred to Guilin’s mountains and rivers as the most beautiful in the world!

Guilin, the great works of the nature, features many wonderful natural attractions to discover, such as the famous Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山) and the Reed Flute Cave (芦笛岩) being the main draw-cards.

In addition, as a former capital of Guangxi Province, Guilin offers several historical and cultural old towns, such as the Riyue Shuangta Cultural Park (日月双塔文化公园) and the Jingjiang Palace (靖江王府 – the palace where the Princes during the Ming Dynasty lived for hundreds of years) in the heart of the Guilin City as well as the Flying Tigers Museum (飞虎队博物馆) in Lingui District(临桂区) plus more!

Some Guilin Attractions waiting for you to discover are as follows: