Situated in the Jingjiang Princes’ City (靖江王城) in the heart of the Guilin City, the Jingjiang Princes’ Palace (靖江王府), the best-preserved and the most complete princes’ palace in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) around China.

It was originally built in 1372 and finished in 1392. Covering an area of approximately 200 thousand square meters, it was the residence of the princes in the Ming Dynasty. 14 princes in the Ming Dynasty lived here.

The palace presents the rules for the princes’ palace in the Ming Dynasty. The Solitary Beauty Peak(独秀峰) being the central axis from the south to the north, the main buildings comprise the Duanli Gate(端礼门), the Chengyun Gate(承运门), the Chengyun Palace(承运殿), the Resting Palace and much more standing in order.

The buildings show the symmetric layout on either side of the central axis. During the Qing Dynasty(1644 – 1912), the palace was transformed into the Guangxi Examination House(广西贡院) where learners took part in the final imperial examination(殿试), and the provincial examination in the Qing Dynasty.


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Jingjiang Princes City