The Peach Blossom River (桃花江) is a tributary of the Li River, traversing the western part of Guilin . In autumn the red leaves along the river are spectacular. It was called ” the Yangjiang River “(阳江) in the past. It originates from the Enmo Mountain(恩磨山) and the Weiluo Hill (维罗岭) of the northwest Guilin.

The peach flowers on both sides of the river provide pleasant shade in the hot summer. “The Autumn Moon on the Yangjiang River”(阳江秋月) is one of the eight most famous sights in the ancient Guilin. People are often struck by the singular beauty of clear water, peach blossoms, and spectacular hills. Cruising down the river, people will see a different landscape. The hills on either side of the clear river appear as if they are floating on water. This view has stirred the imagination of many poets and artists for centuries.



Peach Blossom River