Dazhai Village with Jinkeng Rice Terraces is situated about 85km away from Guilin City and 25km from Longsheng County. some The Red Yao people living in Dazhai Village which is part of Jinkeng Red Yao Villages have a pristine life. They are good at singing and dancing and like to wear Red Yao clothes. You can watch Longji Bronze Drum Dance and Shigong Wu. If you like to know deeply about Red Yao culture, it’s suggested that you visit here in the early June in the Chinese lunar calendar. June 6th in the Chinese lunar calendar is the most important festival for Red Yao, called “Shaiyi Jie” or “the Half Year Festival (Bannian Jie)”.

The villagers kill pigs as a sacrifice for the Temple God (Miao Shen). Every household kill ducks as a sacrifice for Fields God (Tian Shen). The host of each family with a bamboo hat on the head takes the duck consecrated to Fields God. When he go to the stone for Fields God, he can’t speak to the people he meets on the way. The culture is always waiting for you to discover.

Besides its culture, you can also hike to Jinkeng Rice Terraces to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. The houses in the village spread around Jinkeng Rice Terraces. Appreciating nature together with discovering Red Yao culture will enrich your trip in Longsheng.

There are 3 viewpoints for the sunrise: Viewpoint 1 (“Xishan Shaoyue” – the highest and most extensive viewpoint) ideal for photographing the sunrise and sunset, Viewpoint 2 (Thousands-layer Terraces – Qianceng Tianti) proper for enjoying the sunrise and Dazhai Yao Village and Golden Buddha Peak (Jinfo Ding) best for photographing the sunset. You could take a cable to Golden Buddha Peak from the gate of Dazhai Village Scenic Area.




No additional entrance fee (pay to get into the Longji Rice Terraces)

Dazhai Village