Are you interested to know culture about Red Yao Minority? Here we go. Nestled in Dazhai Village where Red Yao Minority lives here for ages in Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area, Jinkeng Rice Terraces is more natural than Ping’an Village Rice Terraces. Jinkeng Rice Terraces is located about 85km away from Guilin City and 25km from Longsheng County.

Compared with the other two rice terraces areas, Jinkeng Rice Terraces with mountains around is more expansive and more amazing. It is steep, so that the rice terraces show you different experience from that you will get in Ping’an Zhuang Village. There are 3 viewpoints for the sunrise: Viewpoint 1 (“Xishan Shaoyue” – the highest and most extensive viewpoint) ideal for photographing the sunrise and sunset, Viewpoint 2 (Thousands-layer Terraces – Qianceng Tianti) proper for enjoying the sunrise and Dazhai Yao Village and Golden Buddha Peak (Jinfo Ding) best for photographing the sunset. You could take a cable to Golden Buddha Peak from the gate of Dazhai Village Scenic Area.

Jinkeng Rice Terraces date from Yuan Dynasty with a long history of about 600 years.



100 CNY (per adult 140+ cms tall)

60 CNY (per child 120 – 140 cms tall)

FREE (under 120 cms tall)

Jinkeng Rice Terraces