If you would like to have a good knowledge of Zhuang Minority in China, the Longji Zhuang Village is ideal for you to explore. With a history of some 450 years and an altitude between 350m and 1300m above the sea level, Longji Zhuang Village is nestled in Longji Rice Terraces Area, some 80km from Guilin City and 20km away from Longsheng County.

The best-preserved, the most ancient and the largest architectural complex around Guangxi and China with the typical building framework of Zhuang traditions – the three-storeyed buildings with high feet is in Longji Zhuang Village including several villages, Liaojia Village, Ping’an Village, Houjia Village and Pingduan Villge. All the buildings here among which there are 5 buildings over 100 years old are built in wood. The oldest wooden building here is up to 250 years.

Based on Fengshui similar to geomancy, Longji Zhuang Village stands between the two ridges of the hill. The tow ridges like two armrests of a chair run down. Fengshui is obviously shown on its position of Longji Zhuang Village.

Stone inscription and carving is another cultural feature of Zhuang Minority. The local people use stones to create the unique Zhuang stone culture. The winding road built in blue quartzite in the villages leads you to discover Zhuang culture. You could discover the symbols for Taoism, like lotus, sword, Tai Chi and Pa Kua (Eight Diagrams) carved in the stone of the 57 stone bridges around the villages. A lot of stone inscriptions dating back to Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China (1912 – 1949) are well preserved in the villages. The stone engraved embroidered ball (Xiuqiu) and the stone village gates here are one-of-a-kind in Guangxi.

Take a bus from Qintan Bus Station in Guilin to Longsheng Bus Station between 06:10 – 17:50. The bus runs every 30 minutes. The fee is about CNY 35 per person. Then transfer to the bus for Longji Rice Terraces.

If you stay in Longsheng, you could go to Longji Zhuang Village by bus.
Time for departure: 07:40, 09:20, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00.

Please remember to take a camera with you, wear comfortable hiking shoes, and search for the weather about Longsheng on Google in case that it is not good for photographing. Because the temperature difference between night and day is large, please take enough clothes to keep warm.



Admission (to Longji Rice Terraces):

100 CNY (Adults 140+ cms tall)

60 CNY (Children 120 – 140 cms tall)

FREE (< 120 cms tall)

Longji Zhuang Village