Are you interested to know the rice terraces created hundreds of years ago in Longsheng, Guilin, China? Ping’an Village in Longsheng, about 100km from Guilin City is your destination. Not only you can enjoy the rice terraces here, but also you have a chance to know many traditions of Zhuang Minority in Guangxi because the villagers in Ping’an Village are Zhuang Minority.

Completely built in wood at the end of Qing Dynasty, the three-storeyed architectures in the village are typical of Zhuang traditions in the north of Guangxi, with high feet. Zhuang people have settled here for hundreds of years. They still wear exquisite clothes with Zhuang features and live a pristine life from generation to generation. Here, you can get acquainted with Zhuang culture through communicating with the local people and visiting their houses.

A museum interpreting the forming of Ping’an Zhuang Minority, the origin and development of the Rice Terraces stands in the village. You could find more information on this minority and the distinctive Rice Terraces there.

Hiking up to the Rice Terraces is exciting. You could hike up to Viewpoint 1 “Nine Dragons and Five Tigers” and Viewpoint 2 “Seven Stars with the Moon” to appreciate the works combining power of nature and wisdom of the ancient Chinese.Opening hours: 24 hours.

Take a bus from Qintan Bus Station in Guilin to Longsheng Bus Station between 06:10 – 17:50. The bus runs every 30 minutes. And then transfer to the bus for Ping’an Village. The fee is subject to season.

If you stay in Longsheng, you could go to Ping’an Village by bus.
Departure times: 07:40, 09:20, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00. The fee is normally about CNY 10 per person.

Please remember to take a camera with you, wear comfortable hiking shoes, and search for the weather about Longsheng on Google in case that it is not good for photographing. Because the temperature difference between night and day is large, please take enough clothes to keep warm.



100 CNY (Adults 140+ cms tall)

60 CNY (Children 120 – 140 cms tall)

FREE (Under 120 cms tall)

Hours: 24 Hours


Ping An Village