Southern China’s incredible karst mountains are worldly renowned and incredibly beautiful – come and experience them for yourself!

Are you interested to know what is typical of karst landform? The answer is mountains with caves covered with stones with various shapes, such as stalagnates, stalagmites and stone flowers. Then, what area features the most typical karst and is the most famed around the world? It is said that it is Guilin, China.

Endowed by the stunning karst landscape, Guilin offers the distinctive scenery to the world. Mountains stand around Guilin Area, even across Guilin City with their own charm. Mountains here are characterized by amazing shapes and different structures through aeons. There are one or two caves at least in most of the mountains. There is even the underground river or waterfall in some mountains. Numerous well-known mountains and unknown mountains with different shapes make Guilin a very popular tourist destination around China and the world.

Some of Guilin’s famous mountains to visit are: