Standing 25km away from Yangshuo, Laozhai Mountain is situated closet to Yangshuo Pier. It overlooks the panorama around it, fairly ideal for enjoying the sunset and the sunrise in Yangshuo. Although it is steep, it just takes about 40 minutes to hike up to the top. On the top, you have a chance to overlook the exciting scenery around Li River. There are some 1100 steps to the top.

Because it is steep, be sure to take care of your steps when you climb the hill to ensure safety. Please wear your hiking shoes and take your camera to take the nicest photos of the sunset. Time for enjoy the sunset depends on different seasons.  So, please search for the weather about Guilin on Google before climbing the mountain for the beautiful sunset.

No Entrance Fees

Free Mountain (No Entrance Fee)

Laozhai Mountain