If you are interested in cultural and historical trips, Huangyao Ancient Town offers you a great chance to immerse yourself in its special atmosphere. Located around 150km southeast from Yangshuo and about 200km southeast from Guiin, Huangyao Ancient Town is situated in Hezhou Area, Guangxi. Dating from AD 972 and covering an area of about 3.6km2, it is over 1000 years old. More than 20 temples and tens of pavilions originally built in Ming or Qing Dynasty stands around the town. These well-preserved buildings with the ancient styles would take you back to the past.

The town is made up of three complexes: Longpan Street, Zhongxing Street and the commercial district. These complexes which make their own defensive system are connected by bridges, village gates and gate towers. Huangyao Ancient Town is in a prime location with 9 hills around. Besides, it is the meeting point of 3 rivers, Yao River, Xiaozhujiang River and Xingning River. In the field of Fengshui, its layout with hills and waters indicates that the town has been deeply affected by the culture of Han Nationality.

The locals using the same word as their last name live around their own ancestral halls. Their houses spread around the hall. Most of the locals are the descendents of the immigrants who ran away from wars during the end Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty or those who engaged in business in the ancient times. Their houses with defensive function are built out of the need for defending enemies, thieves, and robbers and safety.

The historical drama of “Linhe Changge” is performed at 20:00 in the evening. It tells a story that in the early Sui Dynasty (581 – 618) General Shixiong Zhong led the people to fight for the national unity in the ancient road of Xiaohe, Linhe County. Ticket for this show is not included in the admission fee for Huangyao. Its price is subject to the related administrative agency in Huangyao.

Opening hours: 20:00 – 21:00 (the Mid-autumn Day, October 1st, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is not performed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday except festivals.)

Location: Huangyao Theater beside the Ancestral Hall of Wu in Huangyao


January 2nd in the Chinese lunar calendar is a very important festival in Huangyao. On the day, the locals always gather to play dragon dancing, fish dancing, and lion dancing. “Holding lamps gala” called “Fish and dragon dancing” by the locals is one activity that day. Thousands of people make up a performing parade walking around Huangyao. They show you about 20 performances including playing suona horn, fish dancing and dragon dancing.

July 14th in the Chinese lunar calendar is another important festival in Huangyao. Generally speaking, it is a two-day festival. On the evening of July 14th, the locals gather beside the river of the section between Dailong Bridge and Xingning Temple to enjoy putting lamps into the river. On the evening of July 15th, they gather there again to do the same thing. After finishing it, the young males and females will jump into the river for the lamps.

The Local Specialties

There are many specialties in Huangyao, such as Huangyao tofu, Huangyao fermented black beans and the like. Huangyao tofu is the most popular but only sold in Huangyao. Each person living in Huangyao is good at making Huangyao tofu. First, make tofu into pieces with hands. Then, mix it with minced pork. Third, make it steamed stuff buns. Fry these buns to half-cooked. Finally, stew them with fermented black beans. Huangyao tofu is a feast for your tongue.

100 CNY (per adult 140+ cms tall)

50 CNY (per child between 120 – 140 cms tall)

Note: Children under 1.2m (included) and the elders above 80 years old are free of charge.

Opening Hours: 07:30 – 17:30 (Monday – Friday), 07:30 – 20:30 (Saturday – Sunday)

The Best time for visiting: All seasons

Huangyao Ancient Town