Want to discover an old town with a history of thousands of years in China? Facing Yulong River, Jiuxian Old Town (Jiuxian Village) is nestled in Baisha Town, Yangshuo, Guilin. Originally built in AD 621, Jiuxian is situated close to the ruins of the ancient town of Guiyi County. Most of the buildings here are typical of Qing Dynasty style with exquisite painted beams and carving pillars.

The fairly splendid estate is called “Jinshi Di”. It is home to Qixuan Li, Jinshi (the highest qualification under the Qing exam system) holder in Guangxu Year of Qing Dynasty (1875 – 1908) and Xingshu Li, a famed general during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937 – 1945). The estate stands to the west, with a gate and few windows. Its walls are made up of carved massive stones. All the directions of the walls are decorated with loopholes and watch keys whose internal side is wide, and external side is narrow. There are some 44 ancient houses telling the story of Jiuxian Village.

The locals are kind-hearted and entertain the visitors with their green vegetables, domestic animals and fish. Price for these foods is reasonable. Ian from South Africa has lived here for several years because he enjoys the atmosphere here.


FREE (no charge)

Best time to Visit:  All the seasons around the year.

Jiuxian Old Town