Hot air ballooning is becoming a more and more popular way to enjoy the landscape around the world. Take a hot air balloon to fly over Yangshuo countryside – the charming karst landscape.

Absorbed in the special experience, you could get an unforgettable sightseeing trip. If you are interested in this activity, please head for Yangshuo Yansha Paragliding and Flying Base (Yangshuo Yansha Huaxiangsan Feixing Jidi), 150m south from Yangshuo Weichang Lvcai Zongdaili on Shanshui Roade, Yangshuo County. You could take a hot air balloon to the sky where it is 30m and 80m high. You could enjoy the flight for approximately 8 – 10 minutes.


Take a bus from Guilin Bus Station to Yangshuo Bus Station. Then, hire a local car to Yangshuo Yansha Paragliding and Flying Base.


Pregnant women, drunken men, people under 8 years old (not included) and above 70 years old (included), those suffering from mental disorder, high blood pressure, heart diseases and acrophobia are not allowed to enjoy paragliding.
You will paraglide for some 6km. One hot air balloon is for 5 persons at most.
Under the following conditions, it is not allowed to take the flight:

  • When it is rainy;
  • When it is snowy.


135 CNY per person

Please contact us if you’d like to book a hot air ballooning experience.