Where there is water, there exists the amazing beauty. So is Guilin City. Several rivers run through Guilin City. Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise is the most stunning around Guilin City. “Two Rivers” refers to Li River and Taohua River, and “Four Lakes” refers to Ronghu Lake, Mulong Lake, Shanhu Lake and Guihu Lake. They make the unique breathtaking beauty in Guilin downtown.

There are many attractions around Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area, including Sun & Moon Pagodas (Riyue Shuangta), Elephant Trunk Hill, Diecai Hill, and Yao Mountain, Mulong Lake Scenic Area, the Ancient South Gate, and the like, which symbolize the charm of Guilin City.

Through years of development, it is divided into 3 scenic areas with different characteristics: the Chinese classical garden – Ronghu-Shanhu Lake Scenic Area, the ecological garden – Guihu Lake Scenic Area and the historical and cultural garden of Song Dynasty – Mulonghu Lake Scenic Area. During the cruise, you can also enjoy shows with the local national style, such as Guangxi Gui Opera, Guilin Caidiao Opera, and Zhuang Bronze-drum Dance. It takes about one and a half hours to enjoy the cruise.

The best time for the cruise:

In the evening between April and October. Please book the cruise before 14:00 on the day when you will take the boat. Time for the busy season: 18:00 – 23:00. Time for the off-season: 19:00 – 21:30. During this period, the boat runs every 15mins to 30mins.
Time for boarding: 18:40, 19:30, 19:50, 20:00, 20:10, 20:15, 20:40, 21:10 and 21:30. It is only for reference.

Piers for boarding and disembarking

Wenchang Bridge Pier (boarding) – Liberation Bridge Pier (disembarking)
Liberation Bridge Pier (boarding) – Wenchang Bridge Pier (boarding)


Wenchang Bridge Pier is behind “Youfan Restaurant”. Take Bus 23, Bus 2, and Bus 16 to the bus stop of “Wenchang Qiaotou” or “Xiangshan Qiaotou”. Then, take a 2-minute walk to Wenchang Bridge Pier.

Liberation Bridge Pier is near Liberation Bridge. Take Bus 11, Bus 31, Bus 10, Bus 14 and Bus 18 to the bus stop of “Liberation Bridge”. Then, take a 5-minute walk to Liberation Bridge Pier. Alternatively, take a taxi there.


210 CNY (Adult 140+ cms tall)

100 CNY (Children between 120 – 140 cms tall)

FREE (Children under 120 cms tall)

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Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise