With a prime location and a moderate climate, Guilin prodeces many local specialties, among which, Guilin Dried Bean Curd Sticks, Guilin Chilli Sauce, Guilin Water Chestnut, Osmanthus Flowers and Guilin Sanhua Liquor are the most popular. All the above mentioned can be taken back home with you.

Guilin Dried Bean Curd Sticks (桂林腐竹)

Guilin dried bean curd sticks are processed and made of soybeans. Its name comes from its shape that looks like dried bamboo strips. They are easy to be in stock for ages because they are dry and light. It’s convenient to cook Guilin dried bean curd sticks. They could be deeply-fried, fried, stewed in soy sauce or stewed without soy sauce.

Dishes cooked with Guilin dried bean curd sticks are crisp and sweet, fresh and soft. The flavour is fairly one-of-a-kind. Guilin dried bean curd sticks are rich in protein so that local people in Guilin like them very much.

Guilin Chili Sauce (桂林辣椒酱)

Guilin Chili Sauce has a production history of over 300 years. Together with Guilin Fermented Bean Curd and Guilin Sanhua Liquor, it is called “Guilin Sanbao”. Its main ingredients are fresh red chilli, fermented black bean, garlic and much more.

The ingredients are in high quality, and its production process, one-of-a-kind. Guilin Chili Sauce with proper salt features a brown-red colour, even thickness and spicy flavour. It can strengthen the spleen, whet the appetite, and help digest greasy food. Thus, it is a perfect kind of seasoning not only for banquets but also for meals enjoyed at home.

Guilin Water Chestnut (桂林马蹄)

From the ancient times on, Guilin Water Chestnut is well-renowned around China as a tribute for the royal families of China in the ancient times. Its meat is snow-white and smooth with rich water. It is sweet and delicious without residue, crisp and tasty. Cooked water chestnut could be a dish.

It could be a side-dish in fried chicken or duck. The flavour is unique when water chestnuts are fried together with shitake mushrooms and cloud ear agaric. Water chestnut could be processed into water chestnut sweets, water chestnut cake and water chestnut sweetmeat. Water chestnut flour could be non-staple food.

Osmanthus Flowers (桂花)

Guilin, just as the name implies, offers many osmanthus trees forests. Osmanthus trees have been widely planted around Guilin so that fragrance of osmanthus flowers spreads all over the city at the end of October every year, which forms a charming atmosphere. Osmanthus flowers are always used to make osmanthus flower wine, osmanthus flower honey, osmanthus flower tea, osmanthus flower cake and osmanthus flower sweets by local people.

Guilin Sanhua Liquor (桂林三花酒)

Sanhua Liquor is among rice-aromatic Xiaoqu liquor of China. It is steamed and boiled for three times to make. When it is shook, numerous foams will appear. It features excellent quality with fine hops and several levels of foams, so it is commonly known as “Three Boiled Liquor with piles of foams”, and its short name is called “Sanhua Liquor”.

It’s colourless and transparent with aromatic flavour and elegance. When it flows into the mouth, it will bring you the feeling of softness. When you finish drinking, it will refresh you with sweet taste and unique aroma. If it is drunk in moderation, it will refresh you, invigorate the circulation of blood and be good for our body conditions.

Please contact us to find out more about local Guilin specialties.

Please contact us to find out more about local Guilin specialties.