Tea has a history of thousands of years in China. So does the practice of drinking tea. The Chinese tea has had great effects on Chinese people and even the people around the world for ages. Chinese tea can be divided into black tea, dark tea, green tea, white tea, flower tea, etc. Different types of tea are drunk in different ways.

Chinese people have created many different ways of making tea based on the type of tea. And every kind of tea can be drunk in many different ways. If you want to have a good taste of tea, chinaware is the best. Different kinds of chinaware make different taste. How to make tea and choose chinaware is a long story to tell.

It is every place that has its own traditional tea around China. Guilin produces several kinds of local special tea. They are monk fruit, Longji tea (planted in Longji Rice Terraces, Longsheng), Guilin Maojian Green Tea, osmanthus flower tea, and Li River silver needle white tea. The Chinese tea is ideal for a gift to relatives and friends.

If you are interested to get acquainted with the Chinese tea and its culture, you can get some tea and a tea set in every shopping mall around Guilin City. On the way to Chuanshan Park is Chuanshan Xiaojie Street where there are many tea shops. You can take Bus 100, Bus 23, and Bus 16 to get off at “Chuanshanqiao Bridge” Stop and walk for approximately 5 minutes to Chuanshan Xiaojie Street. If you have enough time, you could visit Wayao Tourist Products Wholesale Market(瓦窑旅游商品批发城). There are many more tea sets in Wayao Tourist Products Wholesale Market. What’s more, price here is much lower than that in shopping malls. And you could practice your bargaining skill. Spend less money and get better articles.

How can I get there?

Take Bus 11 to get off at “Wayao” Stop (瓦窑). Then, walk several minutes along Wayao Road to the entrance. Alternatively, take Bus 99 to get off at “Wayao Tourist Products Wholesale Market” Stop from the Central Square in Guilin.

Tea is healthy for our body. It can lessen oil and fat, clear away heat and the like. However, it is not fit for everyone.

Those suffering from a fever, iron deficiency anemia, neurasthenia, gastric ulcer, kidney diseases, Hepatic dysfunction, constipation, and heart diseases, pregnant and lactating women and drunken men are not suggested to drink tea.

Under the following conditions, it is not suggested to drink tea:

  • When someone is full, hungry, and drunken;
  • When tea is cold, too strong, and too hot (above 56 oC);
  • Take medicine with tea;
  • The tea has been made for several times;

Tea Pricing:

Pricing of tea varies – please contact us for more details.

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