Set up in 1915, the Yangshuo Park (阳朔公园) is located where the ‘Man Hill’ (Xilang Shan, 西郎山) stands is in the western part of the Yangshuo Town. The Man Hill is said to resemble a young man bowing and scraping to a shy young girl represented by the Lady Hill (Xiaogu shan,小姑山).

Other hills nearby are named after animals: the Crab Hill (螃蟹山), the Swan Hill (天鹅山), the Dragon Head Hill (龙跃山) and the like. Plenty of interesting statues stand in the park as well. Many locals refresh themselves in the park and tai-chi is particularly popular in the morning! Worth a short visit.

Admission: FREE

Address: #21 Baoquan Road, Yangshuo Town, Yangshuo County (阳朔县阳朔镇宝泉路21号)

Yangshuo Park