A major tributary of Li River, the Yulong River(遇龙河) flows through some of the most beautiful Karst (limestone) landforms within Yangshuo. Locals use rafts as daily transportation up and down the river between house, markets, and rice paddies. Originally, villagers made bigger rafts and started to woo the travelers and soon it became a highlight of any visit around Yangshuo.

Sitting on the reclining chair on the raft, you can enjoy an all around view of the natural, rural life down the river. Swimming is also a popular activity in this river. There are several swimming holes along the river. Swimming here is safer than in the Li River as there is a smaller current and it is not as deep.

Several bike rides and hikes also follow the Yulong River taking in local villages and rice paddies. These can be some of the most memorable days on your China experience. This 400 year old bridge is located in a beautiful setting. It is also the location for bamboo raft rides. You can get here easily by bike taking in towns like Ima which is located on the banks on the Yulong River. We definitely recommend a visit to this bridge and to incorporate it into a cycling experience around the area. There is a very good village road leading from Yangshuo. Along the way you pass through small villages and past rice paddies and you will follow the banks of the Yu Long River. Very special indeed!

For more detailed information on the Yulong River rafting, please click view our page about the Yulong River Rafting. Alternatively, you can find out about cycling options or contact us for any assistance.


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Yulong River Scenic Area