Business and Conventions

Find out more about how Guilin can serve your business, exhibition or convention with an insight into what’s available.

As an international tourist destination with the unique karst landform, Guilin has developed and upgraded the tourism facilities, including business and conventions facilities.

Several international hotels offering the state-of-art business and conventions facilities in Guilin, are as follows:

  • Shangri-La 5* Hotel (, 桂林香格里拉大酒店) by the bank of the Li River;
  • Sheraton 5* Guilin Hotel (, 桂林喜来登饭店) overlooking the Elephant Trunk Hill;

Several local hotels featuring the advanced business and convention facilities in Guilin are as follows:

  • Lijiang Waterfall 5* Hotel (, 桂林漓江大瀑布酒店) on the Central Squre(中心广场) and very close to the Zhengyang Walking Street(正阳步行街);
  • Guilin Park 4* Hotel (桂湖饭店) hidden in the greens near the heart of the Guilin City;
  • Guilin Zizhou Panorama Resort (, 桂林訾洲四景度假酒店) located in a park offering a fairly quiet surrounding;
  • Guilin 4* Bravo Hotel(, 桂林宾馆) situated by the bank of the Ronghu Lake(榕湖);
  • Grand Bravo Hotel(, 桂林大公馆) ;
  • Grand Link 4* Hotel(, 桂山华星大酒店); and
  • Many other hotels.