Bus (Getting Around)

Find out about the different buses and various bus routes available traveling within Guilin

The public transportation system in Guilin is well-developed. In general, most of the buses in Guilin are self-service ticketing buses. Among them are many double deck buses. In the urban district of Guilin, 8 free bus routes (buses starting with the number of 5) reach the main scenic spots. Besides, Sightseeing Line 1(旅游观光1号线) passes the main spots in the downtown and other busy commercial districts, including the Elephant Trunk Hill(象鼻山), Fubo Hill(伏波山), and Folded Brocade Hill(叠彩山). Moreover, each bus has a guide on board.

Public buses serve the train station, the long distance bus station and the downtown. The ticket fare is 1RMB/ride for normal buses, 2RMB/ride for air-conditioning buses and all the buses starting with “5”(for example “58”) are free.

Express buses to Yangshuo County and Xing’an County(兴安) leave from the Guilin Bus Station(桂林汽车站). The bus to Longsheng from the Guilin City only leaves from the Qintan Bus Station(琴潭客运站). Daily departure ensures enough tickets. However, advance booking is needed during public holidays such as the Chinese New Year(the lunar Dec. 30th ~Jan. 15th), Labor’s Day, Qingming Festival(清明节, Apr. 3rd~ Apr. 5th), Duanwu Festival(端午节, the lunar May 5th), Mid-autumn Festival(the lunar Aug. 14~Aug. 16) and National Day Holiday( Oct. 1st ~Oct. 7th ).

Buses going to YangShuo County are a direct service. No set down or pick up is available during the journey. Buses depart every 20mins between 5:30a.m. to 10:30p.m. If you want to come back to Guilin, join the return bus service.