Taxis (Getting Around)

Find out about the different taxis and taxi services for getting in and around Guilin during your visit

Taxis are plentiful, clean, safe, and inexpensive in Guilin. They can be found at taxi stands in most busy city areas or hailed on the streets. An increasing number of taxi drivers nowadays speak some English which may prove extremely useful for first-time visitors. Just please remember to ALWAYS demand the meter is used as whilst the vast majority of taxi drivers are honest, there are some who choose not to be.

The fare system is based on the distance.
Taxi fare: Start with CNY 9 for 2 kilometers at daytime. CNY 1.9 is for each kilometer over 2 kilometers (when it is 3 kilometers, the price is CNY 9 + 1.9. When it is 4 kilometers, the fee is CNY 9 + 1.9 x 2 and so on). The price for taking a taxi from the airport to the downtown is about CNY 80 plus CNY 10 of tolls. From 11PM to 6AM the fare is a little bit higher.