Where to stay

Learn about where to stay during your travels to Guilin, Yangshuo and the Longji Rice Terraces.

As an international tourist destination, Guilin offers you various kinds of accommodations to stay in. Whether you’d like to enjoy the luxury decoration and excellent service at 5* hotels in the Guilin City or in the countryside, or just want to make friends in hostels, the Guilin Area has it all.

If you are interested to experience the nightlife in the Guilin City, hotels in the Guilin City are a great choice for you; if you’d like to enjoy the quiet surroundings in the Guilin Area, hotels in Yangshuo are ideal for you; if you want to discover the life of the ethnic minorities and terraces scenery, you can get it in hotels in the Longji Rice Terraces(龙脊梯田).

Find out more about the following places where to stay: