Standing in Yangshuo countryside, Indape Hotel (阳朔遇源景舍) is 50 meters away from the Yulong River(遇龙河). The hotel is close to several sightseeing spots, including the Moon Hill(月亮山), the Big Banyan Tree(大榕树), Camel Crossing the River (骆驼过江), the Butterfly Spring Park(蝴蝶泉), the Jianshan Temple(鉴山峙) and the Yulong River. It is located approximately 4 kilometers from Yangshuo County.

Indape Hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, a tea house, garden, café, children’s playground, Chinese restaurant, bar, meeting rooms, and 40 guest rooms, including standard rooms, double rooms, family suites and deluxe suites. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, LED TV, hair dryer, en-suite bathroom with full facilities and more.

Services the hotel offers are as follows:

  • Free WiFi access;
  • Free parking,
  • Car rental,
  • Charged pick-up service;
  • Wake-up service;
  • Luggage storage;
  • Laundry service;
  • Room service;
  • Business service;
  • Concierge service; and
  • More.


+86 773 6916868


Near the Longjiao Hill, Shili Hualang Scenic Area, Yangshuo, Guilin (桂林阳朔十里画廊龙角山旁)

Indape Hotel